How I got started in this crazy business.

For the past 40 years or so, I've had two passions. Aviation and photography. I actually have a college degree in photo sciences from MATC and also attended the Rochester Institute of Technology in their Photography department. Both top schools. At the same time, I also started flying airplanes.

I was not sure which one I would ultimately pursue but as you can tell from the photos, aviation won out......until I went on medical leave from the airlines!


I never stopped my photographic interest. Although I did not do it full time, occasionally I would do a job for specific clients, friends, and business associates. My passion never ended for the art and science of photography!

A week or so ago, a dear friend who is also a realtor (Ray Hutto of Keller Williams ) was having dinner here and I was showing him some of my latest work. Photographs of all types; head shots, products, automotive, fine art, portraits, airplanes, sunsets, etc. etc. etc. There were some real estate photos in there.

He then told me of a listing of his and how he just had a professional (paid) photographer shoot a listing and destroyed the job. He then 'recruited’ me to re-shoot that property. I was amazed that anyone calling themselves a professional could deliver such work, especially for a home listed for $600,000!!

I was happy to do it especially now being on medical leave from my airline job. So, now I have a small studio in my home and I specialize in doing Headshots and for friends of Ray, I’ll do Real Estate photos too!

That's the short version.

Thanks for reading, Captain Chet

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